LIVE Gig Booking

Thanks very much for wanting to book a LIVE Video shoot for either yourself or your band. ūüôā

Please Note:

  • I always email or text/phone when possible the Sound Engineer to confirm it is ok for me to take a feed from the Mixing Desk.
  • I always endeavour to arrive for the Sound Check to check the venue and to make sure I can get a feed from the Mixing Desk.
  • I record audio from the mixing desk and LIVE audio from the room. I then mix & master these two audio sources in Logic Pro X to get the best sound. I use a Tascam DR-40 which records at 16bit 48K.
  • On the very rare occasion (not happened yet!) I will only be able to record LIVE sound I will record LIVE audio using my Tascam DR40 Audio Recorder and audio from my Blackmagic Camera with a Rode Video mic Pro, GH3 and GH2 which will be mixed¬†and mastered¬†in Logic Pro X to get the best sound.
  • Most venues have decent lights but on the rare occasion there are issues I cannot be held responsible for the quality of the shoot.
  • If¬†you play “badly” and are unhappy with your performance to the extent that you do not want to use the footage or audio, payment will still be due.¬†Alternative solutions for using the footage include
    • To provide me with upto 3 pre-recorded tracks which I will then edit 3 videos to using the LIVE footage.
    • Or Create a 2/3 minute promo from the gig to a pre-recorded track that you provide.
  • 50% Non-Refundable* Deposit will secure this booking, with 50% due on completion.
    • Bank Details Are
      Bank – Co-Operative
      Name – M Green
      Sort Code – 08-93-00
      Account – 87240650
    • Or via PayPal
  • If you have any questions regarding any aspect of recording your gig LIVE then please contact me on 07930-954015.

Please fill in this form as soon as possible after the gig.
I will need the set list, social media and website info aswell as your logo, to complete the videos.


 If for any reason you decide to cancel on the night or 2 weeks before, 50% of the total fee will still be due.


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Anything else I should know?

I accept the above terms for booking MHG Music Videos to video the gig outlined above.