Creation Process



Every production starts with a great idea. Trying to stand out from everyone else is an ongoing challenge but one we relish.


Having a plan is integral to the success of any endeavour. It also makes sure everyone knows what is happening. From a script a shot list can be made to make sure everything that needs to be shot is covered.


Organising locations, equipment, people, permissions and insurance are just some of the aspects that are ticked off the list for planning a shoot. Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance.



Once a place has been formulated call sheets can be created to let everyone know where they need to be and when. Contact details will be shared.


This is where the magic happens bringing all the skills together to capture the shots needed to tell the story. What usually happens is we shoot what we planned and then alot more too. Ideas can come from anywhere and people and places can be a great inspiration.


If things go wrong like the weather changing, a location is suddenly unavailable or someone disappearing it’s always best to have a backup plan. It would be a shame to lose the day as everyone is here!



Once the footage has been copied over and backed up onto another device the selection os useable clips can begin. Once these are on a timeline they can then be put into order to tell the story. Sometimes new ideas come from the juxtaposition of clips that we just didn’t see.

Grading & Music

After the various iterations of the edits which are managed by the grading can be done. This is the final visual tweak which contributes to the emotions that the story is trying to evoke. This combined with the soundtrack finalise the edit to deliver exactly what you want.


Depending on the where the video needs to go we deliver the resolution, format and data rate that matches it. If you need a short clip for an ad campaign on a phone or high data rate 4K video for YouTube we can provide what you need.